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                                                                 KIDS TOYS BUYING GUIDE

Playing helps children to complex their skills.Proper toys can stimulate childs thinking , social skills, imagination,educational development.Before choosing wright toy for child you need to think about exact age, gender of a child.Also u have to consider they personality, curent interests and skills.Its a challenge sometimes.Even in a young age they taste is already shaped.Its up to you to make wright desiction.To purchase toy that will make them happy and will help with personal development.

Group toy choices by age that will focus on skills that your child will understand:

Toys for kids( 0-12 months) They should expose your little one to a variety of experience as sound, touch and taste.Bright colors,lightweight toys encourage early holding and exploring.Once they sit introduce them to large blocks.Some products can help them improving such important skills as walking.For early walker : music walker, push walker.

Toys for toddlers(1-3 years) They focus on physical play.For outdoor play ride-on toys.Activity in fresh air is such important instrument in childs healthy development.With indoor fun choose toys that allow use excess energy and develop emerging muscle control.In this age they love to imitate parents with kitchen sets,tools, musical instrument(accordion).Also introduce board games that give children choice to commuanic acting and socialising(giant game)

Toys (over 3 years old) Preschoolers are fascinated how things work.Tool sets, simple board games, car tracks encourage creativity.Introduce toys that inspire pretend play and allow children to imitate mom and dad to practise life skills.Cake shop, kitchen sets, beauty set,shopping troley.

All matters is their happiness, safety and healthy development.